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Help - CITZs

Are the sent alerts really anonymised?

Yes, all alerts that are sent by default are anonymous, and if the user wants to identify themselves, the application provides this option.

How to agree to the Term of Truth?

To agree to the Term, simply enable it in the field before the “SEND ->" button.

Once this is done, the occurrence will be able to be sent generating an alert.

I can not see alerts or send. What to do?

To view the alerts that appear on the Notifications screen or to create and send a

alert it is necessary that your cell phone has access to an internet network, be it WIFI or Mobile Data and with the GPS function of your active cell phone. Thus, the application user will be able to see the alerts, create and send.

How do I edit or remove an alert?

After sending an alert, for security and integrity reasons, you can not edit it. The user can remove the sent alert following the following path: “User Menu" -> “Alerts" -> “My Alerts" (fifth icon below) -> “Edit" -> “Remove".

How do Application Notifications work?

The application will notify the mobile phone in the way it is configured, by default the

The radius of alerts that will be sent as notification is 5 km. However, there are other radius options where the user can choose. It can also customize the time you want to receive notifications.

How do I share the Application?

Within the application, under “User Menu" (left button below the map), there is the option “Share Application". You can also create groups of users in “Solidarity Neighborhood" and thus talk to your contacts.

I can not seem to get the address I want when setting up an alert. How can I use it correctly?

When you send an alert, it is necessary to select the address of the place where your case happens on the map. The alert will be sent with the address you selected / navigated during your registration. If no address is selected, by default it will pick up the address you are at the moment of sending the alert.

How can I contact you?

Currently we have two emails available to talk to the user that are the 

following: contato@citzs.com and suporte@citzs.com